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Saturday morning randomness

I rarely set my alarm on weekends. Waking up naturally on my own is something both me and my body love doing. As I don’t usually go to bed too late I wake up in the morning according to my body’s real need to rest or live. For today it means that I was allowed to sleep full 30 minutes longer compared to my weekdays 6 am habit. *rolling-my-eyes*

I was slacking in bed for a little while finishing a great book written by my dear friend Bob Harris (The International Bank of Bob) my mind wandering in distant corners of the Earth, when all of a sudden I felt the urge to get up and indulge in a nourishing yoga session. I have love and hate relationship with yoga. I know I should do it more often, but whenever I force myself, it doesn’t come out right. I cannot focus, I am falling from the poses, my mind not present. So I only do it when I really feel like and the other days I simply incorporate a few yoga poses to my stretching routine and I go through it slowly, mindfully (and painfully). This morning was the right time for a real yoga practice.

I consider myself a beginner in yoga. I have been to about three yoga classes in my life. Yet, thanks to working out and being active I have a good awareness of my body and I am able to perceive and manage micro-moves. With help of a really good website full of yoga videos My Yoga Online, I can easily switch into silent yoga mode whenever I wish for however long I desire, and that is something I really appreciate.

This morning felt just right. It was still dark outside, and I wanted to witness the change of colors and light, so I put the heavy curtain up on my large balcony window. Early spring was waiting for me outside, so I drank a glass of warm water with a bit of lemon leaning towards the balcony door, smelling the morning fresh air and listening to  birds smiling for myself. They are so freaking loud. The curtain next door started moving up as well and a sleepy head appeared. My neighbor seemed a bit surprised seeing me sipping water in my pajamas in the cold balcony.  Instead of running away for being caught spying one me, I received a first Saturday “bon jour!”

The view changed after half an hour of  my favorite Vinyasa Flow with Clara Roberts-Oss. The morning is still sleepy gray, but I feel charged and relaxed, ready for the day.  I didn’t plan on doing yoga this morning, nor writing this post. Yet, it is important to allow random things in our every day being and just go with the flow, when you feel like doing so.

The view I have from my yoga mat... Welcome to my tiny home.

The view I have from my yoga mat… Welcome to my tiny home.

And what feels right after I publish this post? I will turn on some pumped up music, cozy up my apartment with a rag and detergent and then prepare a well-deserved breakfast (mashed plantain with sunny side up eggs and bacon, anyone?) before hopping on my beloved bike and rocking the mud and puddles for the rest of the day. I am DYING for lungs full of fresh air, cool wind in my face and smell of fresh ground.

Enjoy your random Saturday morning according to your desire, everyone, and don’t forget to live loud!



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