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Spartacus workout for ripped body

Have you ever watched Spartacus? The HBO series full of half naked, most of the time sweaty men, all of them strong, lean and simply looking the way ladies dream their perfect husbands should look like. The HBO series where all the chicks are lean, toned, sexy AND curvy. It is my “to watch,” when I need a bit of a motivation either to work out or to avoid fridge, when night binging hits me. BUT I am not writing this post to persuade you to crush into your couches and go for an overnight series marathon watching all episodes at once. I want to share with you the ultimate Spartacus workout that will make you feel like a real beast in the arena and help you get the body of your favorite character in the series. Plus it only takes 30 minutes!

You will need a timer (smartphone, watch, kitchen timer) and a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. Try the exercises before you start the actual workout to make sure that you maintain a proper form of each exercise, and that you use  sufficient weight. I use 8 kg kettlebell for most of the exercises apart from plank rows and T-push ups, where I go for 3 or 4 kg dumbbells. If you are a beginner, you can do most of these exercises with only your body weight or very low weight. For big guys out there – feel free to pump your muscles with any weight possible. Do not underestimate yourself, though. Human body can usually handle a bit more than mind believes.

Set your timer on 10 rounds of 10 seconds and 50 seconds or 15 seconds and 45 seconds. The short interval is your rest period between exercises; during the longer one you will do your best to perform as many reps as possible maintaining proper form. You will repeat the whole 10 minute set three times.  Thus, altogether 30 minutes with 2 minute long breaks in between the sets.

"Did you say you were too tired to workout today?"

“Did you say you were too tired to workout today?”

Never sacrifice form for higher number of reps and always keep your abdominals locked. Not only you will certainly feel them and work them out while shredding the other muscle groups, but you will avoid injuries particularly in lower back. Locking your abs is the key to maintaining proper posture and form.

Workout breakdown:

  1. Goblet squats (you can use kettlebell)
  2. Single-arm kettlebell swing (switch arms half way through the interval)
  3. Jump lunges
  4. Dumbbell side-lunges (you can use KB and hold it in front of your chest)
  5. Kettlebell lunge with rotation
  6. Mountain runner (plank sprints)
  7. Push-up with rotation
  8. Kettlebell row (you can do single arm with KB and switch half way through the interval)
  9. Plank rows
  10. Dumbbell squat and press (you can use KB and hold it in front of your chest pressing up)

Here is the workout breakdown in a bit more motivating form including explanations of each of the exercises.



I did the workout couple of days ago with my friend, which was a lot of fun and very motivating. We motivated each other to push hard, competed in the number of reps and at the same time watched each other’s form.

Now get off to gym, garage or backyard, hit it hard, workout vigorously, sweat a lot and live loud!



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