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Choosing Better Fuel

I paid a visit to my country and spent lovely two weeks with my friends and family. I’ve done lots of hiking, running, quality social time and obviously endless amounts of food, particularly delicious Czech dishes prepared by my grandma, mom and family run restaurants in the woods of south Bohemia. My choice of fatty duck with cabbage but no dumplings was the usual surprise for some people and goulash without bread literally a bummer. Question were flying in the air and once again I had a chance to practice argumentation explaining Alouded lifestyle.

I faced the typical arguments about eggs and cholesterol, need of whole grain bread for fiber, pasta as a great source of carbohydrate and accusation of violating national cuisine (man, I the cabbage+pork/duck lover?). I kept patiently explaining to those, who desired to understand, and went on handing over the bread basket to those, who played deaf and worshiped their warm whole-grain rolls from local supermarket (Ehm, freshly baked? Freshly defrost.).

While turning the world of the curious upside down, something striked me. All these arguments –  “but I need fiber”, “where do you get your carbs?”, “they’ve always told me red meat will kill me!” (says the pork nation) were clearly based on conventional wisdom and were blindly accepted. Have any of these people ever compared the amount of fiber in a portion of whole-grain bread and portion of broccoli? Have they ever heard of good and bad cholesterol? Compared the amount of nutrients in pasta and veggies?

Breakfast frittata for three. :)

Breakfast frittata for three. 🙂

Food is fuel and I like to make sure that I choose the best sources of my daily caloric intake to maximize its benefits. No matter where you stand in this battle, I am quite confident that you will agree with the following. Imagine that you have an “allowance” of 1800 calories for the day. What do you consider more reasonable – “using” your 1800 calories in bread, pasta, pizza and deep fried frankenfood that gives you hell lot of carbs, some trans fats and tiny bit of nutrients, or you choose using these calories to fuel your body with full range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, valuable protein and healthy fats to take advantage of all the vitamins? Eighteen hundred calories from the fist group are strikingly different from the eighteen hundred from the second group.

I hear you saying that food is not just a fuel for most of us, and that we require also visual and flavor satisfaction from food. Otherwise, we we would only drink protein powder and swallow cubed cosmonaut pseudo-food. I am definitely not an advocate of that and that’s why I eat the way I eat. My 1800 calories look very colorful and appealing when served on a plate. It’s a plate of rainbow-colored vegetables, all possible kinds of meat, fish or seafood, touched by nutritious healthy fats. It’s a plate full of flavors, freshness, seasonal and  local produce. On top of that – such plate provides my body with all the goodness it needs. Would you choose differently?

Next time you prepare your meal, make it appealing for your eyes, delicious for your taste-buds and nourishing for your body. You only have one. Fuel it right!

Thank you for reading, eat delicious and live loud!




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