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Fit on the road

I like those sunny days in Githurai, when we go feed chicken and collect eggs, walk to a  primary school to distribute sanitary pads and stroll around the area at the end of the day to collect daily payments from our micro-borrowers.  I really appreciate those out of office days not only for the pleasure of interacting directly with Fountain’s clients, the Githurai community, but also for the simple joy of walking,

Staying on track with my usual active sporty lifestyle is always a challenge when travelling and even more here in Githurai. But you know I don’t do excuses when it comes to staying fit. I wanted to share with you mydaily sweet maintenance workout in the basic conditions I live in – think no weights, no exercise mat, dirty floor and very limited space (pretty much a push up/ lunge size area).

This is my workout breakdown. It takes about 30 minutes of thorough consistent movement with no breaks. Slow where appropriate, accelerated when possible.


  • I do yoga inspired stretching starting with 3x half sun salutations, back bends and standing poses. Whatever feels good for the body and warms me up a bit.


  • Squats 20x
  • Lunges 15x L + 15x R
  • repeat circuit 2x more

Arms and side core:

  • Push ups with elbows close to the body 12x
  • Standing side bends (for side abs) 20x L
  • Push ups with wide elbows (chest and back) 15x
  • Standing side bends (for side abs) 20x R
  • Repeat circuit 1x more

Lower abs, core, legs:

  • Standing knee lift to back leg stretch (balancing T) 20x L
  • Standing knee rotations 20x R
  • Standing side leg lift 20x + Standing leg lift pulses 20 x
  • Repeat with R leg

Abs (seated on the edge of the bed):

  • Knee hugs 20x
  • Boat pose 10 breaths
  • Scissors 20x
  • Boat pose 10 breaths
  • Bicycle 20x
  • Boat pose 10 breaths
  • Repeat

That’s it! After this I can fill my bucket and  hop into ‘shower’ . I mean, bring it to communal little stall and try to wash off the always present dust from my hair and body. As crazy as it sounds, this whole morning routine including the basic conditions makes me happy and sets me ready for another curious day of volunteering in Githurai.

 Thanks for reading this ‘back to good old fitness days’ post.



 P.S. Between drafting and posting this I have also started running on our bumpy dirt roads. It’s lots of fun especially at 6 a.m., when it’s still pitch dark and I can easily run into a cow. No matter what the conditions are, it feels great to move.

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